We manufacture our own product line as well as any blue print or detail you need!

Production Drive

Please call us today for any part you may need. We manufacture a wide range of industry standard parts as well as from our own product line. If you have a part number we can look it up just give us a call 586-463-5888 or email. All of our products, blueprints, and details can be made in standard or metric. We do welding and sub-assemblies too! We became one of the first companies to upgrade our ISO program to the 2008/2015 Standard.

Ask for your catalog today!

Head / Headless Shaft Assemblies, Stub Shafts, Thread Studs, Shoulder Screws, Leveling Screws, Tubular Spaces, Jig Feet, Stop Buttons, Stop Blocks, Locating / Drive Keys, Fitting / Grind Spacers, Tap Pads, Drill Bushings, Fixture Pins, Trunnions, Clevis Assemblies, Couplers, Adaptors, Leveling & Positioning Blocks, Rest Pads, Fixture KeysSwitch Rods and Dogs, Swing Bolts, and many others.

Masterline Products

  • Head/Headless Shaft Assemblies
  • Stub Shafts
  • Shoulder Bolts
  • Threaded Studs
  • Leveling Screw Assemblies
  • Tubular Spacers
  • Jig Feet
  • Stop Buttons
  • Stop Blocks
  • Locating/Drive Keys
  • Fitting/Grind Spacers
  • Tap Pads